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Well – we’re over a quarter of the way through the year and I’ve been one very busy lady! I’ve been incredibly lucky and had several new releases so far this year. Over at Ellora’s Cave I’ve had two new books added into my Urban Seductions series. In Seductive Tracks Matt and Julian are working together to find a shady underworld thief tagged Shadow. When they find her, nothing is as they expect. Then in Tracking Desire, Julian continues the investigation with a sassy red-haired witch with a saucy glint in her eye. Those two really burned up the pages, let me tell you!

Over at Total E Bound I’ve also been lucky enough to have two new books added into my Agency series. In Intimate Knowledge Jennifer runs into some serious trouble while out soul-searching in the Forest of Dean. The only man she knows whom she can turn to is one of her oldest friends – and biggest crushes – Saul. And Unearthed Treasure has been a long-awaited title for me. Chelsea and David crept into my brain many a book ago and this is finally their story being told. I’m thrilled to finally have it out there for you all to share with.

Finally, I’ve had a wickedly naughty short story accepted into a Charity anthology with a bunch of other wonderful ladies and writers. I’m so pleased to be a part of this. Coming Together With Curves is an anthology of amazing writers who are donating all proceeds to Parkinson’s UK. I’m excited and humbled to be accepted amongst such a brilliant bunch of authors.

As always – I’m busy writing more stories, but love to hear from readers.

Until next time

List of Print books currently out:
(For soon to be released Print books – see Coming Soon page)
Scent Of Passion
Man Of Her Dreams (Hide and Seek)
Ellora’s Cavemen, Legendary Tails 1 (Manacles of Love)
Behind The Mask (Hidden Desires)
Merc And Her Men
Wolf’s Passion: (The Mating Game and My Heart’s Passion)
Love’s Payback (Payback and the Lion in Love)
Bonded For Eternity

Stand Alone Novels/Novella’s:
Available from Ellora’s Cave:
The Lion in Love
Merc And Her Men
Bonded For Eternity
Kinkily Ever After

Available from Ellora’s Cave:
“Behind the Mask” – “Hidden Desires”
Ellora’s Cavemen: Legendary Tails 1 – “Manacles of Love”

Available from Ellora’s Cave:
Desperate and Dateless

The Rutledge Werewolf Men:
Available from Ellora’s Cave:
#1: “Scent of Passion: Artemais”
#2: “Hide and Seek: William”
#3: “The Mating Game: Dominic”
#4: “My Heart’s Passion: Samuel”
#5: “Chasing Love: Christiana”
#6: “Twin Temptations:Samantha”

The Montague Vampire Family:
Available from Ellora’s Cave:
(please note: Desperate and Dateless, my quicky, sets up the world where my Vampires live in. While not strictly necessary to read D and D before the Vampire Family, it will help set some of the basic structure.)
#1: “Heated Fantasies” (Simeon)
#2: “Flaming Fantasies” (Rylan)
#3 “Secret Fantasies” (Michael)

Urban Seductions:
Available from Ellora’s Cave:
#1 Retrieving Love
#2 Retrieving Desire
#3 Enforcer Seduced
#4 Enforcer Ensnared
#5 Seductive Tracks  *new*
#6 Tracking Desire *new*

Short Stories:
Available from Total Ebound Books:
#1 Wicked Teacher

The Agency:
Available from Total Ebound Books:
#1 Flirting With Danger
#2 Courting Passion
#3 Passionate Immunity
#4 Passionate Vengeance
#5 Intimate Knowledge *new*
#6 Unearthed Treasure *new*


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