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Well, here we are once again, well into a new year and I’ve been a busy, busy lady.

Over at Totally Bound I’ve got two new releases coming in the next few months. Burning Intensity is the seventh in my The Agency series and continues almost exactly where Unearthed Treasure leaves off. Rob and El are the Agents in charge of finding the stolen painting and discovering its secrets, but they’re not sure where to start. El needs to reconnect with an old lover – who happens to be a thief – and there’s a whole host of things for them to both overcome. Then in Icy Control Rob finally gives in and goes to the woman of his dreams and oldest friend – Sally. Sally is an artist and a free spirit. Rob hates bringing his darkness into her world, but he doesn’t have a choice and Sally wouldn’t have it any other way!

Then at Ellora’s Cave, my favourite Urban Seduction so far has been released – Edge of Ecstasy. Melissa and Daniel are both Assassins and used to working completely alone. When Melissa’s dearest friend is murdered, retribution of the harshest kind is the only thing she can focus on. But it’s not so simple, and soon she and Daniel are *ordered* to work together. Neither is used to compromise and neither is willing to quit the case. Passions run high and tempers are sure to explode when these two fiercely stubborn and independent people come together.

Then Strategic Surrender and Strategic Lust have been released in April and May respectively. I’ve really enjoyed writing these two, as the Urban Seductions world is deepened in these books, and more intricacies of the magical communities are unveiled. I’ve loved writing each of these stories and can’t wait to share them all with you.

As always I love hearing from readers, and promise to keep writing!


List of Print books currently out:
(For soon to be released Print books – see Coming Soon page)
Scent Of Passion
Man Of Her Dreams (Hide and Seek)
Ellora’s Cavemen, Legendary Tails 1 (Manacles of Love)
Behind The Mask (Hidden Desires)
Merc And Her Men
Wolf’s Passion: (The Mating Game and My Heart’s Passion)
Love’s Payback (Payback and the Lion in Love)
Bonded For Eternity

Stand Alone Novels/Novella’s:
Available from Ellora’s Cave:
The Lion in Love
Merc And Her Men
Bonded For Eternity
Kinkily Ever After

Available from Ellora’s Cave:
“Behind the Mask” – “Hidden Desires”
Ellora’s Cavemen: Legendary Tails 1 – “Manacles of Love”

Available from Ellora’s Cave:
Desperate and Dateless

The Rutledge Werewolf Men:
Available from Ellora’s Cave:
#1: “Scent of Passion: Artemais”
#2: “Hide and Seek: William”
#3: “The Mating Game: Dominic”
#4: “My Heart’s Passion: Samuel”
#5: “Chasing Love: Christiana”
#6: “Twin Temptations:Samantha”

The Montague Vampire Family:
Available from Ellora’s Cave:
(please note: Desperate and Dateless, my quicky, sets up the world where my Vampires live in. While not strictly necessary to read D and D before the Vampire Family, it will help set some of the basic structure.)
#1: “Heated Fantasies” (Simeon)
#2: “Flaming Fantasies” (Rylan)
#3 “Secret Fantasies” (Michael)

Urban Seductions:
Available from Ellora’s Cave:
#1 Retrieving Love
#2 Retrieving Desire
#3 Enforcer Seduced
#4 Enforcer Ensnared
#5 Seductive Tracks
#6 Tracking Desire
#7 Edge Of Ecstasy *new*
#8 Strategic Surrender *new*
#9 Strategic Lust *new*

Short Stories:
Available from Total Ebound Books:
#1 Wicked Teacher

The Agency:
Available from Total Ebound Books:
#1 Flirting With Danger
#2 Courting Passion
#3 Passionate Immunity
#4 Passionate Vengeance
#5 Intimate Knowledge
#6 Unearthed Treasure
#7 Burning Intensity *new*
#8 Icy Control *new*


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